Advertiser FAQ and Online Campaigns

Answers to your questions about how we can help with your online marketing

What’s the cost of your programs?

Our programs are affordable to any size company. Each Client has different needs for their company and our campaigns are tailored to fit your goals and or budget.

Why would I need your service?

Increase and promote your brand. There are many ways to promote your website online with our blog network. Our network of blogs can use many campaign types to achieve results for our clients. Some examples are: user generated content; fresh content with links via sponsored blog posts, sponsored banner ads, sponsored videos, and sponsored podcasting. We’re involved with your campaign from start to finish and manage the blogger/advertiser relationship fully.

The beauty about blogs is each one has their own creative niche with different personalities and writing styles that attract large amount of new and loyal repeat visitors to their blogs. It’s important as an online business to promote your products and services on social media blogs.

What are the benefits?

Almost any online marketing goal can be achieved with our help. Traffic, brand awareness, better rankings, higher sales, etc…We find out what your goals are initially and plan a campaign to meet or exceed your expectations.