Frequently Asked Questions

From Our Submission Form

Q. How often are bloggers paid?

A. Once a month via PayPal.

Q. Do I have to endorse the product or service that I receive as an assignment?

A. No. Even though we do have frequent product review assignments any “opinion” you are asked to provide will always be an honest opinion. We want honest reviews from our bloggers. Most times your job when completing assignments is to relate to the assignment(s); by personal experience, personal knowledge, personal research, and or personal creativity etc.

Q. I sent in my blog a few days ago and haven’t heard anything back why not?

A. More than likely your blog didn’t qualify but right now we do receive many inquires so we may have just not gotten to your blog. We look through each blog and if meets requirements we try to contact the blog owner within 2-3 business days. This process will speed up soon with some changes
we are making.

Q. What types of assignments will I receive?

A. We have advertisers in all areas of business (Real Estate, Health, Retail, Medical etc). However, you will never be asked to post about porn related websites or others that may be questionable matter.

Q. Are there a minimum or maximum number of assignments that I have to complete each week?

A. No – Multiple factors determine the number of weekly assignments that you will receive. This depends on the number of blogs that you enter into the program. The time frame in which it takes you to complete assignments that you already have. Whether or not your blog has already completed assignments in previous weeks or months for advertisers.